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Music & Dance

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JOOLS HOLLAND INTRODUCES - THE GUITAR BDV012 £12.95 The parts of the guitar and how to hold it properly; positioning of the hands and fingers, strumming technique: using a plectrum and fingering on the fret board; how to tune the instrument; playing the first chords (C major, G7) and reading chord diagram

JOOLS HOLLAND INTRODUCES - THE SAXOPHONE BDV013 £12.95 Choosing your own style; the parts of the saxophone and assembly; holding the instrument and finger positions; playing the first notes; breathing and articulation; counting time; tuning, notes and scales; legato; more notes; expression; more notes, theory

JOOLS HOLLAND INTRODUCES - THE DRUMS BDV024 £12.95 Tuning the kit; gripping the sticks; sitting position; hand & foot strokes; varying the tempo and volume; basic beats and reading drums notation; quarter notes & eighth notes; rock drum rhythm; rests; song form and fills.

JOOLS HOLLAND INTRODUCES - THE KEYBOARDS BDV025 £12.95 Using any type of electronic keyboard. Synthesis; types of waveforms; keyboard technique including single notes; chords; scales and exercises; MIDI and sampling; orchestral features; bending notes; classic rock sounds; rhythm; sequencing.

JOOLS HOLLAND INTRODUCES - THE BASS GUITAR BDV026 £12.95 Body positioning; fingering technique on the fret board and for strumming; rock grip and classical grip; tuning; using an amplifier; scales; major intervals and movable shapes; sixth notes on the major scale; passing notes; minor patterns; minor sevenths;

JOOLS HOLLAND INTRODUCES - THE VIOLIN BDV027 £12.95 Tuning; bowing technique; reading music notation; playing tunes with open strings; plucking; left hand fingering and scales (D major; G major); vibrato; major and minor scales and the Dorian mode, counting time.

JOOLS HOLLAND INTRODUCES - THE FLUTE BDV028 £12.95 Posture and breathing, playing the first notes (B; A; G) and fingering technique; creating simple tunes with those three notes; new notes and improvising tunes; right hand notes; the pentatonic scale; the second octave; more notes and improvisation includ

JOOLS HOLLAND INTRODUCES - THE CLARINET BDV029 £12.95 Advice on choosing mouthpieces; tonguing; various notes and playing simple tunes; breathing; more notes and scales; reading music and counting time; intervals and rhythm.

HOW TO JIVE BDV033 £9.95 Christine Keebleā€™s Jive classic. From Lindy Hop to Modern Jive. All the steps, air steps and moves you need to be sensational on any floor, anywhere, to any dance music.

JOOLS HOLLAND INTRODUCES - THE PIANO BDV074 £12.95 The programme content and instruction covers a bsic description of the instrument and its mechanics; an overview of different styles of music; the first steps using the right hand and then the left; C major scales; intervals, tones and semi-tones and much

PLAY IT TODAY - THE KEYBOARD FOR BEGINNERS BDV075 £12.95 Do you own an electric keyboard but can't play it? This easy to follow, step-by-step tuition will help you get the most from the instrument, and allow you to enjoy it to the fullest.

CELTIC FEET HOW26 £12.95 Irish Dancing master Colin Dunne's classic teaching programme now with the benefits of DVD. Rock Steady Freeze frames and repeatability means that with a DVD player and a remote control you can be dancing within minutes and ready to show the world in an h

MODERN JIVE - THE EASY WAY TO LEARN QLDVD6010 £14.95 CEROC is the fastest growing dance phenomenon in the UK; a modern fusion of jive and salsa that is easy to learn and can be danced to any kind of music with a regular beat, from 40s' swing through to todays chart hits.

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