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Sport & Fitness

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RUTH WHITE - YOGA FOR PREGNANCY DVD13 £15.99 With Yoga now widely accepted as a major health benefit this new DVD is essential for any woman taking on the challenge of having a baby.

RUTH WHITE - YOGA BACK STRETCHES DVD23 £15.99 Back stretches are an effective method of opening the body, relieving the stresses and tensions that can rule our lives.

RUTH WHITE - YOGA FOR THE MORE ADEPT DVD24 £15.99 For the already fit and healthy, this DVD takes you further, working on the physical body to bring it into a state of balance and strength.

RUTH WHITE - YOGA POSITIONS DVD26 £15.99 A DVD that will last a lifetime and probably extend your active life. Ruth White, the UK’s leading Yoga teacher has produced an interactive DVD which enables everyone from beginners to adepts to compile their own Yoga Practice.

UNARMED RESPONSE HOW23 £9.99 Self Defence expert Tony Agostini shows how to tackle aggression when ugly threatening situations arise in the pub, clubs or simply on the street. Expert tips and instruction which will put you in control. Product Details
DON BRADMAN - HOW TO PLAY CRICKET HOW24 £9.95 Learn from the supreme cricketer of all time. Archive film remastered and preserved offers the impossible dream of personal batting tuition from Don Bradman.

RAPE ESCAPE HOW25 £9.99 We have to face it. Living is no longer safe and predictable. Berenice Gold, London’s top female instructor and head of security at a London nightclub, knows how it is, what you can do and tells you how to be prepared for the worst. Product Details
15 SHOTS TO SAVE YOUR GOLF GAME HOW31 £14.99 In this DVD, Tim Mahoney, Golf Digest School's Head Instructor, shows you how to play the difficult shots that confound most amateurs.

HOW TO BREAK 90 HOW32 £14.99 Two thirds of golfers do not break 90 regularly. With this DVD you can pass that milestone in 30 days.

BEGINNERS' LEVEL AIKIDO - RANDORI NO KATA HOW34 £19.99 Aikido is an harmonious system of defence, which blends with the movements of an attacker to bring about his downfall. Product Details
COMPLETE TOMIKI AIKIDO HOW34, 35, 36, 37 £59.96 Dr Lee Ah Loi's and Paul Crompton's comprehensive guide in 4 volumes Product Details
ADVANCED LEVEL AIKIDO - KORYU NO KATA HOW35 £19.99 On this DVD, the second in the series, Dr Lee, Ah Loi, demonstrates Koryu no Kata - training in flow and continuity and Aikido joint manipulation techniques. Product Details
ADVANCED LEVEL AIKIDO - KORYU NO KATA PART 2 HOW36 £19.99 On this DVD, the third in the series, Dr Lee Ah Loi demonstrates Koryu Dai San, comprising 50 techniques. Product Details
ADVANCED LEVEL AIKIDO - KORYU NO KATA PART 3 HOW37 £19.99 Dr. Lee Ah Loi demonstrates the 39 techniques which are shown individually and in a complete sequence. Product Details
PAUL CROMPTON - TAI CHI CHUAN HOW49 £14.99 Practising Tai Chi Chuan enables us to develop and keep a healthy body as well as an alert mind. It is a system of exercise suitable for all people from youth to old age. Product Details
BICYCLE - THE COMPLETE BBC SERIES HOW50 £15.99 Fast, cheap, silent, safe and healthy, the bicycle is destined for a new golden age.

TO STAND ON A STONE HOW52 £19.99 50 fundamental principles that underlie the styles of many martial arts as well as Martial philosophy, unarmed combat and weapons. Product Details
HOW TO PLAY BADMINTON ZDVD5476 £5.95 Essential strokes and tactics. Transform yourself from the amateur to the expert with only 90 minutes of advice on technique and style.

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